Wooden Rocking Horse – Light Grey Mane



Length: 89cm approx. (35 inches)
Height: 52cm approx. (20.5 inches)
Width: 16cm approx. (6.5 inches)


Horse – Birch Wood.
Bow – Ash


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Everyone loves rocking horses; the size of my horses allows even the most modest-sized home to own and admire them while on display. They also make a perfect and unique present for a christening gift or someone special.

My beautifully handcrafted Rocking Horse has been created using sustainable sources and is modelled on the timeless Victorian rocking horse.
The body of the horse is built from laminating birch wood together. The horse then starts to come to life, with lots of hours taken to hand shape the wood allowing the distinctive pattern that you can see come to life.

The surface after sanding is very smooth and protected with many layers of shellac and then hand polished with wax.

The bows are individually crafted from Ashwood and sized to suit the horse. Again the surfaced is protected with many layers of shellac and hand-polished with wax.


Please note that these Rocking Horses are NOT to be ridden by children, they are display horses.


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