Shaker Oval Wooden Box No 3 – Cherry


Sizes – Internal Measurements (sizes approx.)

Length 17.8 cm  (7 inch)
Width 11.4 cm    (4.5 inch)
Height 5.7 cm    (2.2 inch)

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My handcrafted Shaker Oval boxes are reproductions of the original designs, made famous by the Shaker community during the mid 19th century. The boxes range from size 0 through 5, having thin slender sides, symmetrical joints and neat tight fitting lids. The sides are held tightly together using copper tacks; the tops and bottoms are held in place using wooden pegs, forming a very strong and decorative box.

The wood is cut to size and the “fingers” are shaped. The wooden bands that will form the walls are bathed in hot water until they are pliable enough to bend.
Once bent, they are tacked with copper tacks produced on century-old machinery. Then, after hours of drying, they are individually fitted with covers and bases that are pegged in place with tiny dowels.

Each box is made from Cherry wood and finished with five coats of finishing oil. The finish is applied inside and out, hand buffed and wax applied.

Please see additional information tab for sizes.

All my boxes are bespoke and there will always be slight variations in grain and colour.